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No Local storage Cookies1 Good to store large amount Good for small amount of data, upof data, up to 4MBto 4KB2 Easy to work with the Difficult to work with Java Script Java Script3 Local storage data is not All data is transferred to and fromsent to the server on every server, so bandwidth is consumedrequest (HTTP header) as it on every requestis purely at the client side4 No way to specify the time Can specify timeout period so thatout period as the Cookies cookies data are removed fromhavebrowser Difference between Session and Cache S. No Session Cache1Ssession retains state Cache is used for retaining state for per user application scoped items.2Items put into a session Items in the cache can expire (will will stay there, until the be removed from cache) after a session ends specified amount of time. 9Data source support is not fully Data source support is fullydistributed in ASP.distributed in ASP. No Connected Environment Disconnected Environment 1Connected Environment needs Disconnected Environment doesa constantly connection of user not need any data source whileperforming any operation. creating,testing and deployment.i.e., In web sitei.e., In Web application, differentdevelopment, decoupling isdifferent groups work on variousnot possible. 2Only one operation can be Multiple operations can beperformed at a time inperformed.connection Environment. components independently likeone group work on domain layer,other work on UI layer.5 Web site is easier to create Web application is more difficultthan Web applicationto create than a Web site Difference between Local storage and cookies S. Therefore, if you have a fair knowledge in C or C, you will not face any difficulty while coding PHP language. Net is reputed for Though PHP can offer enoughcreating sophisticated measures for ensuring datatechniques to ensure the securitysafety of confidential data. Thisis the reason why governmentorganizations opt for ASP. 3Dataset objects have XMLXML Support is not provided by Support.datareader. NET includes obtain information from one table collection of Data Tables wherein each or set of tables through join. No Typed Data Set Untyped Data Set1It provides additional methods, It is not as easy to use as strongly properties and events and thustyped dataset. No Data View Data Table1Read-only i.e., Data View can Read/Write i.e., Datatable can be be used to select the data. Cannot bepopulatedpopulated from scratch; mustbe instantiated with areference to an existing Data Table. Difference between Execute Non Query() and Execute Scalar() methods in ADO. No Execute Non Query()Execute Scalar()1It will work with Action Queries It will work with Non-Action Queries only that contain aggregate functions. 4Heavy usage of AJAX often There is no chance for overload ofleads to the server overload server while using JQuery sincedue to more number ofthere is no such heavy usage inconnections created. 4AJAX does not install Trojan in Java Script can install Trojan in thethe computer. operating system.4AJAX is difficult to develop on PHP is easy to develop on static static pages. No AJAXDHTML1AJAX does not have the DHTML makes a Button glow or feature of making the button pressed when the cursor is moved glow when the cursor is moved over it. NET Framework HTML controls have HTMLprovides a set of properties forattributes onlyeach server control. Insert() method adds only the an object representing the item item in the cache we have added in the cache ,besides adding the item in the cache2It is not possible to replace an We can replace an existing item in the existing item in the cache usingcache using the Cache. What is the difference between Label control and Literal control? No Label control Literal control1Final HTML code of a Label Final HTML code of a Literal control control has an HTML tag contains only text, which is not surrounded by any HTML tag16. No Hyper Link control Link Button control1A Hyper Link control do not have A Link Button control have Click and Click and Command events Command events, which can be handled in the code behind file of the web page17. No Content page Master page1A content page does not have A master page has complete HTML complete HTML source codesource code inside its source file19. custom code4Update, Delete: To provide this Update, Delete: In-built support for functionality, we need to write this functionality is provided. No Repeater Data List1Repeater is template driven Data List is rendered as Table.2Repeater cannot automatically Data List can automatically generates columns from thegenerates columns from the data data source source3Row selection is not supported Row selection is supported by by Repeater Data List4Editing of contents is not Editing of contents is supported by supported by Repeater Data List5Arranging data items We can arrange data items horizontally or vertically is not horizontally or vertically in Data List supported by Repeater Reference: 6Threads canexercise Processes can only exerciseconsiderable controlover control overthreads of the same process child processes 7Changes to the main thread Changes to the parent process(cancellation, priority change, does notetc.) may affect the behavior of affect child other threads of theprocess 33. NET Page can be viewed User Control cannot be viewed directly in the Browser. User Controls are added to Web Pagesand we view them by requesting aweb page in our browser5ASP. When users send achecks before the requested page, request to your site that ends XML Web service, or handler is in .rss, ASP. In Internet Information handler to process the request.

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Services; var service =3D "Service", role =3D "Role", auth =3D "Authentication", profile =3D "Profile"; function set Path(path) ns[auth service] =3D ; ns["_" auth service] =3D ; ns[profile service] =3D ; ns["_" profile service] =3D ; ns.

8Can hide or show selected No row or column hidingcolumns3. No Web site Web application 1Can mix vb and c# page in We cant include c# and vb pagesingle website. between multiple projects.3 Edit individual files after Can not edit individual files afterdeployment.

Difference between Connected and Disconnected Environment S. deployment without recompiling.4 Right choice when one Right choice for enterprisedeveloper will responsibleenvironments where multiplefor creating and managing developers work unitedly forentire website.

be kept external (state server, SQL server) and shared between several instances of our web app (for load balancing). No Datalist Repeater1Datalist supports multiple Repeater doesnt support multiple columns displaying and columns display,no repeat columns using repeat columns property property2Datalist supports styles Repeater does not provide styles for formating templates data[headerstyle,...]3Datalist rendering Repeater performanace is better output[html content]will than Datalist be slow compare with repeater. Lerdorf in the year 1995.2 Database: Database: ASP. Net utilizes server spacewhile running5 Coding Simplicity: Coding Simplicity: PHP codes are very simple and a ASP. NET is a compiled CLR codelanguage that is interpreted bythat will be executed on the script engine. NET application can beapplication, there are verydeveloped and debugged usinglimited tools. NET is a complete Object Object Oriented Programming Oriented Programming language.principles. NET extends completeapplication state management support for session managementis very limited in application state management. NET offers complete errorin ASP.handling and exception handling services.

Summary: If the requirement can achieve using repeater and datalist,choose repeater for betterperformance Reference: Net uses MS-SQL for For point of database connectivity 19. Net codes are somewhatprogrammer does not have tocomplicated and a web make a diligent effort because it isdeveloper needs to work hardcomparatively easier than otherto get the hang of it types of programming languages.6 Platform Connectivity Issue : Platform Connectivity Issue: PHP has a unique advantage in ASP. Its codes can be linkedrun on Windows platforms butwith different types of platformsif you install ASP-Apache insuch as Windows, Linux and server than it can run on Linux platform as well.7 Cost of Tools : Cost of Tools : There is no such free tools are PHP codes are available for free inavailable for ASP. 3HTML and the coding logic are The code and design logic ismixed in ASP.separated in ASP. various tools including the leading Visual Studio .

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