Updating media monkey

The other question I have is how to add album art in the best way.Most of my albums today have the correct cover art where the art is included in the tag but some has a faulty one and/or is missing album art. I have used a plugin for mediamonkey before but it could only handle a few albums at a time and I know that i Tunes did handle this pretty well but I don't want to use that. What I want is an application that is showing the current album art on all my 5000 albums and then I easy can select which one I want to replace/find and then the app will find it and I just ack if it's right. Yes, I'm trying to get everything right nowadays when I rip new discs but since I already have quite a collection whee some aren't correct and I have become lazy after 100 of hours spent networking my music collection I'm looking for solutions that will simplify my situation.You can also use it to get art for existing albums. You don't need a computer to be on to use your Squeeze Box.Apps like bliss can be installed using the Vortex Box web administration GUI.This could also be seen as having the added advantage of one copy being a backup of the other.What I do when I rip a CD is rip the files to the PC that I'm using, update their tags, add Replay Gain, download artwork, and then move the files to my server.The two problems ai have now is that Media Monkey is slow when I update the tag for let's say 200 songs at a time.My music is stored on a NAS so I can expect some latency but just changing ie genre from Melodic rock to Rock (to keep the amount of genres down) sometimes take up to 5 minutes. The other question I have is how to add album art in the best way.

Media Monkey bietet die Option, Podcasts direkt aus dem Programm heraus zur Datenbank hinzuzufügen und zu abonnieren.

Der Media Monkey Download ist eine echte Alternative zum Windows Media Player oder i Tunes: Nach dem Download von Media Monkey katalogisiert das Tool Musikdateien in Formaten wie MP3, OGG, WMA und WAV und spielt diese natürlich auch ab.

Vor allem jene User, die über größere Musiksammlungen verfügen und beispielsweise mehr als 50.000 Titel verwalten wollen, profitieren von dem übersichtlichen Katalogisierungssystem, welches Media Monkey mitbringt.

Orignally I tagged it into the files but nowadays I more want to put it into the folder but here's my problem that if I want to be consistent I need to do some changes. Right now the MP3-tags are somewhat correct apart from the speed when I do my changes.

Regarding album art I have a mix of tags and folders. I used bliss for improving my coverart on my vortexbox server and it worked very well.

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