Updating mobileme

You will need to enable the Remote Controls feature on your mobile device before you can use the Find My Mobile service.Remote controls is turned on by default if you are signed into your Samsung account.I'm over plugging my i Phone in and waiting a good 5 minutes until it even recognises the device! You could try go to the "info" tab then disable the syncing of contacts, then sync again, see if it passes that, then if it does, try enable the syncing of contacts again and it might work. ***EDIT*** Help again..my contact and calendar information has disappeared on my i Phone now!Simply restarting the computer and or your i Phone can be the easiest solution to these sorts of problems, but thats just in my experience. Under the settings in my Mobile Me account on the i Phone I only had that Mail would sync through the 'cloud' and Contacts, Calendars and Bookmarks were set to off. Not only this means that you'll be able to buy your e Books in other e Pub-supporting stores outside of the i Pad, but this gives you the possibility to import on your i Pad a huge collection of freely available books, like the ones from Google books.(And of course, the Gutenberg Project) Your i Pad can read things like emails or e Books out loud.Select "Delete" to remove the files from the folder.

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You'll be able to locate it, wipe it remotely, make it show a message or play an alert.

Highlight each file and drag it to the trash can to delete it.

Alternatively you can hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and click the files.

You will need to be signed into your Samsung account in order to use Find My Mobile.

You can sign in on your web browser or set up an account on your device.

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