Updating mozilla

font-size values in em and ex units are now based on an "intended font size" that is not affected by the user's minimum font size.In other words, font sizes are always calculated according to the designer's intention and are adjusted for minimum font size afterwards.Using an outdated browser creates a security risk and may provide a poor browsing experience, since many plugins require an updated browser.If your version of Firefox is not set to receive automatic updates, you'll need to manually install new versions periodically to ensure that your browser remains up to date.check that command too Hi, I can see you are new to this but you seem to be going backwards. If it exists once, it's there and OK, if not then you probably want to abort!1) try to stop using BAT files - they work manually fine, but with Config Mgr they will come back to bite you 2) you don't need cmd /c unless using a task-sequence; you are not, so remove it 3) packages do not need quotes - just on its own is fine 4) the BAT file is not Config Mgr friendly - anything you install needs to send an exit code otherwise CM will never know when the task has finished or what the outcome was. 5) Try -ms as the command line just as a test to see what happens.) but it wont set the proxy keeps putting it to "Auto Detect" I want it to set to Use system policy..

I placed all the files in the source folder and named the Firefox install When it deplyes I strat the install and it opens with thefirefox upgrade and I choose upgrade it starts but never goes anywhere.Using code in JAR fiels loaded from other domains is no longer allowed in frames; this mitigates a potential attack vector.The same-origin policy for file: URIs has changed in Firefox 3.There is, however, a way for extensions to make their content web-accessible.They can specify a special flag in their This shouldn't be something you need to do very often, but it's available for those rare cases in which it's needed.

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