Updating navigation in cadillac srx

Connect the Midtronics PSC 550 Battery Maintainer (SPS Programming Support Tool EL-49642) or an equivalent to the battery of the vehicle. Press and hold START button for 10 seconds do not put your foot on the brake pedal during this time.

Turn the Navigation Radio on before inserting the USB drive into the usb port in the center console.

After the vehicle information is downloaded to the USB drive, take the device to your vehicle, and insert it into the vehicle's USB port.

Report the successful installation on your Ford account once the data completes downloading.

This update may not repair the condition and or the condition may return at a later date.

The only option left at that time is the radio repair process through United Radio.

If the view screen instead remains blank for more than 40 minutes, you may then cycle the ignition. Once the screen has gone blank, a white outline bar graph will appear.

Navigation maps from certain apps can be displayed directly on Ford's computer screen on the vehicle's dashboard with this system.Find an empty USB drive that holds at least 2 gigabytes of data.Go to the SYNC software updates Web page from your Ford account, and look for the "You have an update available" message.Click on the Download SYNC Updates link, and then click on Start Download Process once you have the USB drive prepared to receive information.Further instructions appear on the computer screen.

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