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Sky Q is already one of the best ways to watch telly, and it’s just announced a whole host of new features that are about to make it even better.

Joining our favourite features like Fluid Viewing, simultaneous six-show recording (yes, we do need that many), and the fact it auto downloads the next episode in our boxset binges, are seven brand new ones – including, most excitingly, built-in Netflix in a new entertainment package. There’s not long to wait - these new features will start rolling out from March 2018.

Other updates include the ability to hide all adult channels with one click and pin number protection on all Sky Store purchases, found under Family settings, and the extension of the eco-mode setting by 50%, which sends the Sky box into a deep sleep between 2.45 and 5.45am.

This will save customers energy and is better for the environment.

That’s pretty nifty, and not something we can think we’ve seen on any of its competition as yet. Away from content-related searches, Sky Q Voice is also planning on serving up answers to more generic questions, such as “what’s the weather like today? Sky is going to give it a good go this year though, by promising to double its amount of UHD content to over 1,000 hours of 4K content, with the introduction of HDR support too.

Of course, we’ve been able to enjoy 4K HDR content on Netflix and Amazon for some time now, and Apple’s i Tunes offers HDR support too, so it’s good to see Sky Q playing catch up.

Improved machine learning will also apparently ensure a smarter personalised experience throughout the UI, such as serving up content based on your family's viewing habits at that time of day.

The Sports section will also get a personal touch, integrating with the Sky Sports app to learn your favourite teams and what’s most important to you.

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While added functionality like this is often limited to Premium Spotify subscribers, Sky Q customers will be able to use the ad-supported Spotify Free to stream music too, albeit with the usual playback restrictions in place.Fluid Viewing is one of the biggest benefits that Sky Q has over bog standard Sky HD, allowing you to start watching something on one device and seamlessly continue watching on another.Not only is Sky launching the Sky Q app on a larger range of products – namely select smart TVs and a number of “third party devices” – you’ll soon be able to stream to more devices at the same time as well.But while it’s happy to take you to a channel or pull up movies based on genre or actor, it doesn’t currently get to know you as well as the Sky Q interface does.An update will change this, so you’ll soon be able to ask Sky Q to “show movies for me” to have it pull together recommendations based on things you’ve watched previously. Although Sky Q is already one of the best places to watch the most recent 4K films and TV shows, its library still has a little work to do before we can really claim that we’re ‘spoilt for choice’.

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