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So it is vital the firmware update process runs really smooth.If a firmware download is interrupted or the firmware file is incomplete, then you would have to start the download process all over again.If you see any error message, then please contact FLIR Customer Support.In the case that the update fails, and Tools states your camera is updated with the newest version while the camera is not functioning properly.It is also very easy to update the Phantom 4 Remote Controller using the recommended DJI Go app.

-Connect the camera via USB cable and double click the standalone file and the update will begin automatically. Repeat the first step but this time with the most recent version of the standalone Update.

The Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro update instructions are the same. So, make sure that you download the correct firmware for your Phantom 4 quadcopter. The firmware download and upgrade to the Phantom 4 and RC needs to complete successfully.

The firmware is the critical software which makes the components on your drone work.

With these steps you can avoid an unsuccessful firmware update. The Phantom 4 firmware update needs approximately 1 hour from start to finish to be on the safe side.

It is also best to update the DJI Apps first, then the remote controller followed by the Phantom 4 quadcopter.

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