Updating sources list

The combination of these determine how a source is made chargeable and used in a charge request to complete a payment.

You can enable any payment methods available to you within the Dashboard.

In the Add-on manager you can also change the settings for auto update, notifications and search for installed add-ons by bringing up the slide in submenu (press left When an update to an add-on is available it will show up here.

By default, add-ons are set to update automatically, so this should normally be empty unless you have changed your preferences to prevent automatic update installs.

Source objects allow you to accept a variety of payment methods with one single API.

They represent a customer’s payment instrument and can be used with the Stripe API to create payments.

Refer to the Sources & Customers guide to learn how to attach Sources to Customers and manage a Customer’s sources list.

skins in the appearance section of settings, movie scrapers in the options of scrapers when adding a new movie source) Install from zip file allows you to install add-ons or repositories which may not be available in the Kodi add-on repository.

To install a add-on or repository from a zip file you will need to enable Unknown Source from Settings/System/Add-ons. Note: By enabling Unknown Sources, Add-ons will be given access to your personal data stored on your device.

Activation is generally instantaneous and does not require any additional contract or lengthy process.

The table below summarizes the payment methods currently supported and how they map to the key characteristics listed above with links to their specific guides.

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