Updating technomate software

To be honest, the front panel looks a little dated now but it's far from unattractive.

The (simple green fluorescent) display is in a shiny chromed ring, with three buttons and a fold-down flap concealing - well not a great deal, really.

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There are also stereo analogue audio outputs and a Dolby-compatible optical S/PDIF digital audio connector.Setup The TM-5200D is supplied pre-programmed with more than 3,200 channels across 23 satellites, so the few thousand that apply to your situation are there on tap (according to the language you select), for a near-instant setup without any searching, once the means of accessing the satellites has been established.If you do want to search for channels on particular satellites, then the TM-5200D is also adept at this.The frequencies and the polarity searched can be limited.The symbol rates can be coarsely scanned or in detail, or limited to above or below 7500 or below 3500 to trap or avoid programme feeds, and the signals found can be limited to TV or FTA only. A blind search of Astra 1, scanning all frequencies, polarities and symbol rates in detail took the TM-5200D a little under 16.5 minutes - that's a long time but extremely fast compared to the first blind search receivers of just a couple of years ago.

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