Updating wii with wiikey

* Fixed issue with game regions showing up incorrectly in initial 2.5 release.* Fixed issue with RAR files in subfolders not being detected during drag and drop operations.* Added Automatically Check for Updates option (Requires Internet access, can be disabled).* Added the option to cancel batch operations (cancellation occurs as soon as the current item is finished). Wii D PROS Easy to instal - use wires or quickersolder the chip onto the motherboard. * IMPORTANT * Use 100% genuine branded media for a reliable copy. Region free capability for playing imported other region games. Wii D CONS - Using the wire install method is suggested as Quicksolder method requires greater precision. Be sure to regularly check the "DOWNLOAD" page for the latest firmware releases of your WIID!Fixes (3.0): * Now automatically requests to Run as Administrator.

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so it might be best just to stick with doing the reg update for now. Once done it tells you to hit A, which will reboot the Wii. I am not sure if the reset button can be used for those who do not have a Game Cube controller, but it was possible in previous updates. I updated my WII using the 1.9X ISO from the main wii key website.

Updating Firmware: To update the Wii Key, you need to burn the firmware disc for your region. I am wondering whether there is difference between 1.9S and 1.9X?

Can easily be disabled or restored to factory settings. WIID installation diagrams and Firmware Upgrades will be available in the "DOWNLOAD" page.

This upgrade includes many new features and bug fixes, including a workaround for firmware 3.0 issues, improved media compability, full gc region free, and a working audiofix. [] 1.9b Recovery Disc The recovery disc for wiikey 1.9b has been added to the Resources section.

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