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Regardless, it's pretty important to nail your CV, especially if you're trying to land your next big career move.

Which is exactly why I spoke to Mildred Talabi, a CV Makeover Expert who's written a whole book about it, ‘Give it a fresh look in terms of the layout, format: the presentation side of things.

I accessed any training offered and started to move up the ladder, so I'm now looking for something more challenging." If you get the chance, take on small, work-related tasks while you're a SAHP, like freelance projects or volunteering - this shows you're keen to use your skills and keep up to date with any advances in the industry.

It also suggests to recruiters that you've had one eye on getting back to work.

As long as you’re not going for a modelling or acting job or something where looks are part of your job then it’s not necessary.

In fact, it can even open you up to discrimination.’ ‘Never put “Curriculum Vitae” or “CV” at the top; it’s redundant. Start with your name at the top, then your contact details as well as any useful social media links –if you have a Linked In profile definitely include that.

It’s something that we know that you’re going to need so you don’t need to say it.

A wise person once said: a CV is the gateway to a person’s soul. It sounds like something a wise person would say, doesn't it?

If your industry has significantly changed or you don't have much prior experience, you might (unfortunately) have to go back at a slightly lower level than you'd like.

One Mumsnetter explains, "I aimed myself at entry-level work at first, like receptionist roles, to build up my experience and skills.

Something like "Career break to look after my children" will do.

"As a recruiter, I'd be put off by CVs that list the skills you have used at home, such as managing household finances or childcare - working mothers do these tasks too.

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