Updating your xbox 360

The optional download for mp4 files ended up being a much bigger pain, through some out of the box thinking and a bit of trial and error I eventually set my i Phone up as a Wi Fi hotspot, connected a laptop, bridged the Wi Fi and LAN settings, set the 360 to obtain all information (finally got it to connect to the net).

Then spent a few minutes setting him up an xbox live account as he didn't have one and from there downloaded the 400kb update....about 1 hr of stuffing around for a 30 second patch.

I suggest when you are connected to live try to play an or .mp4 file. I did it this way years ago and had no problem playing or .mp4 files. Not sure of the file size, but it will be you do not have internet , access you can not download the update , -to download you need internet access , microsoft may have a disc they can send to you so you can update im not sure , you either can take the console to house w internet or get a thumb drive big enough --and download it from microsoft if its there ,, and put it into your 360Just thought I would update this and let you know how I went.

It shouldn't work, and since you are connected to live it should ask you if you want to download the update. I downloaded the dash update onto a thumbdrive and had this update just fine, the latest dash update does include support for AVI files.

Thankyou no idea why I couldn't find that link this morning!

I'll try downloading and updating from a USB tonight if no luck I'll go and hire a new release. EDIT: I'm also surprised that his console hasn't received the update from some of the games he is playing, although I know all he plays is Fifa and not sure what version of the game he has.

Simply follow a few steps, and you’ll have access to both versions.are all coming out on the current crop of consoles, but they’ll also see separate releases on the PS4 and Xbox One.That leaves us with a burning question: Do we play these games at launch, or wait for the next-gen release? To help ease the transition, these four titles can easily be upgraded from the PS3 to the PS4 version for a nominal fee.EDIT: Also the 360 only supports certain video files, even with the media update.It will play .mp4 files (among others) fine, but if they are looking to watch any of those hot files then they are out of luck.

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