Validating affymetrix chip results with real time pcr

Alternatively they can be used prior to experimental realization by helping to define experimental design parameters for hypothesis validation assays.The Gen Ex software from Multi D Analyses AB provides all of the capabilities mentioned above.

Situations of disproportionate copy number present a particular challenge upon multiplexed performance; additional validation is needed to define the limits of a multiplexed set, as compared to individually amplified assays.

As the data size and complexity from q PCR projects increase, the need for comprehensive automated or semi-automated software tools increase rapidly.

Software tools can provide support after data collection by providing data pre-processing, statistical analysis and visualization capabilities, often for hypothesis generating purposes.

Several approaches have been proposed for constructing confidence intervals in inverse regression.

We propose an user-friendly algorithm, named BCI (Bootstrap Confidence Interval), specifically designed to compute bootstrap-t confidence interval for nucleic acid concentration by absolute real-time PCR.

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