Validating material

If the user attempts to submit the form and the field has not been touched, then the validation error messages will be displayed on the HTML template.

Let’s take a look at a different approach in the next example. Please check the references at the end of this post for more information about the states of form controls.We examined the factorial structure, reliability, and construct validity of the full-length 18-item scale as well as the shorter 6- and 3-item versions.Analyses using structural equation modeling showed that its factorial structure (i.e., with material centrality, material happiness and material success as first-order factors and overall material values as a second order factor) holds for younger children.This approach is OK for very small forms such as login forms, where we only have 2 fields (user/email and password).It is easy for the user to guess it is needed to inform both fields before the submit button becomes available: Let’s take a look at the code that renders the form above. We also do not display any validation error message.

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