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This is an unintuitive quirk of for elements defined to have CDATA content.

Authors should avoid using strings such as "" in their embedded scripts.

And one old browser even finds the entity §, converting §ion=2 to §ion=2.

To avoid problems with both validators and browsers, always use & in place of & when writing If you receive the error "Missing a required sub-element of HEAD", check that you have included the TITLE element in the HEAD.

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One example of JSP issue is This is one of the first things I do with web projects that use JSPs in a new Eclipse installation.Yesterday I installed a fresh copy of Windows Xp SP2 with a valid genuine key(which was on the windows CD Pack)..when i went to install the Microsoft Security essentials(MSE)'s saying that THIS COPY OF WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE...when I see for the help in the Microsoft website.ask me to purchase a new copy of windows 7..which is practically not possible...As mentioned in the HTML 4 Recommendation's note about specifying non-HTML data in element content, end tags are recognized within SCRIPT elements, but other kinds of markup--such as start tags and comments--are not.The TITLE element is required in all HTML documents.In XHTML, unlike HTML, element and attribute names must be all lowercase.

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