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Sun Trust has attracted great attention for its tracking study on social media trends, conducted through Survey Monkey Audience.

Sun Trust uses the “tracker” to look at the latest trends in the internet sector and then be able to answer questions from its investors, says Robert Peck, managing director and internet equity analyst at the bank.

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In fact, a very convincing majority (81%) of banking, investment, and financial services organizations we surveyed said the number one reason they choose Survey Monkey Audience is speed.

Here are all the different types of investors and analysts who use Survey Monkey Audienceto carry out their investment research and stand out among heavy competition.

Not everything is cloak-and-dagger in the world of investment research.

Extrapolated from this data, based on the occupants predicted mean votes (PMV), will be the predicted percentage dissatisfied (PPD).

It should be expected that responses over a period of time may provide different results from several “period-in-time” surveys, and surveyors are cautioned to not conclude that differences are exclusive indicators of changes to the building and its systems.

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