Vb code for validating textbox

Proceed as follows: Name: lbl Password Note Auto Size: False Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 10pt Location: 603, 269Size: 261, 53Text: "Note: "Password must be between six and sixteen characters in length and contain only letters and numbers"Text Align: Middle Right) is often used to describe this kind of validation.

The idea is that a human being will be able to solve a relatively easy arithmetic problem whereas a robotic program would not even recognise it as such (in a real-world implementation the sum would not only be randomly generated, but would be presented as a slightly distorted or noisy image in order to prevent an intelligent robot from being able to decipher the question).

Controls ' Loops through array of controls If Type Of control Is Text Box Then ' If type is textbox Dim txt As Text Box = Try Cast(control, Text Box) ' Convert Control to textbox If String. There are many ways in which validation can be carried out, and it is down to analysts and software developers to decide what kind of validation is required and how to implement it.To demonstrate some simple validation techniques, we will create a data entry form of the type typically found on a web page.Private Sub Textbox1_Text Changed(By Val sender As System. Event Args) Handles Textbox1.textchanged If Textbox1. Like a group Box if it finds a control and that control is a text-box then it checks if the textbox is empty if it is empty the you execute you next code when that happens( MAke a boolean Is Page Valid) then set it to false if it finds a textbox empty Hope this might help you Loop at the comments For Each control As Control In group Box2. Controls If Type Of control Is Text Box Then Dim txt As Text Box = Try Cast(control, Text Box) If String. Text) Then ' Do Validating here End If End If Next What my code does is loop through a colletion of controls in Your form ..

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