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In Whidbey, you can use the Shown event for form to do exactly this.

For the Web Browser, use the Document Complete event.

Clicking on the close box has invoked the form’s Dispose method, which has cleared the control collection.

You change some flag that says it shouldn’t look “pressed” anymore, and have called Invalidate() but it’s not painting because someone has hooked up a long running click handler – the paint wont be processed until the click is done. Do Events to process everything that needs to happen before firing a click event.

This deployment process introduces a number of challenges: .

) Begin Invoke is essentially a Post Message, under the covers it adds on to the end of the list of things the app needs to do. This just eliminates the step of clearing out the list yourself.

The biggest complication is ensuring that the state of My Status is always coherent; even that will usually not be difficult.

Note, btw, that this code will throw an exception if the control being invoked has not yet been created; one could use Invoke Required to handle such cases; the above code is simplified to show the overall concept.

These days, recent versions of support anonymous methods, and we have the "Method Invoker" class to work with. Rows.item(j).cells.value=richtextbox1.lines(j) next when i try to do so i my user interface hangs. some situations, it's necessary that a user-interface feature be updated before a thread can return. If one is showing something like a progress bar or other indicator, it's better to have a variable that holds the state of the bar, and another that says whether an update is (or may be) pending.

So the simplest way to update a form from a background thread would be: I need a example where i can add values to datagridview with for loop and thread for j=0 to richtextbox1.lines.count-1 ' or greater than 10000 datagridview1. To update the display, do something like: There may be some unnecessary double-updates (if one thread calls Update Display just after the main thread has set Needs Update to zero but before it has actually performed the update) but this approach will work pretty well in all cases.

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