Vb net screenupdating

Using a Watches window in the Visual Basic Environment to observe the state of Application.

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If anyone knows how to do it I'd be really happy!

The Help page for Screen Updating Property says that it "controls most display changes on the monitor WHILE A PROCEDURE IS RUNNING." [my quotes and CAPS].

This potentially raises three questions: If I set ' Application.

I have approximately 35 worksheets that are calculating variables dependant on cell contents, applying formats, and several other things. I am porting code from regular 2000 VBA to a Com Add-in and it will simply not turn off screenupdating after it's compiled. Screenupdating = false I am really in a bind if I can't get this to work. Leonard Leonard Golub We are running a VBA macro and are copying a range and then looping and inserting the copied range. Thanks in advance Bill In Excel using VBA code Application.

Screen Updating = False in a workbook in such a way that it will have a global effect. Kind Regards Claus Claus Hi, I am trying to set Screenupdating = False in an Office 2000 Excel app. Also, we cannot turn off the screenupdaing using the following below with application .screenupdating = false .displayalerts=false end with We think it is updaitng due to a custom function in the range being copied Is there anything else that you can totally turn Excel updating off with. I F8 step thru the code and watch the value of Display Alerts.

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