Verizon blackberry not updating emails

Update the Black Berry Device Software You can download the latest version of Blackberry Device Software from

Follow the instructions on the screen to download the latest version currently available from your wireless service provider.

Sometimes my emails come right through to my phone. I will receive the emails on my computer, but in order to get them on my phone, I will have to refresh both inboxes individually.

It's a bit annoying to not get notified of an email right when it comes through, but it's not a major issue or anything. Or will I just have to wait for a fix whenever an update comes along?

Nothing works, what are the specifics on the issues?

All this worked fine when BES was installed on our Exchange server.

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Talked to BB support and went through KB to insure proper rights on BESAdmin account, still nothing. Thanks I know this thread is over a year old, but if you google "blackberry not synching with Outlook calendar" you might end up here.3) Here was my problem: Service account has incorrect rights in Exchange.Our service account was a member of the domain admins group.I searched the forums here about my issue, however, I was not able to find anything that helped.I have two Gmail accounts set up on my Motorola Droid.

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