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I tried to incorporate as many of the new features found in ASP.N ET and Visual Studio as long as they make sense for you, someonewith no or limited experience with ASP. I have also made a lot of changes to the book based on reader feedback.NET 4.5 Website 603 CHAPTER 17 Personalizing Websites 643 CHAPTER 18 Exception Handling, Debugging, and Tracing 679 CHAPTER 19 Deploying Your Website 729 APPENDIX A Exercise Answers 767 APPENDIX B Configuring SQL Server 2012 793 INDEX 807 BEGINNING ASP. NET 4.5 IN C# AND VB I mar Spaanjaars WILEY John Wiley & Sons, Inc. NET 4.5: in C# and VB Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Requests to the Publisher for permission should be addressed to the Permissions Department, John W i ley & Sons, Inc., Ill River Street, H oboken, N J 07030, (201) 748-6011, fax (201) 748- 6008, or online at http : / /www .wiley . Limit of Liability/ Disclaimer of Warranty: The publisher and the author make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.N o warranty may be created or extended by sales or pro- motional materials.With her help, writing a book with our newborn son N iek around wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be.

W iley publishes in a variety of print and electronic formats and by print-on-demand.You can contact him through his personal web site at by e-mail at [email protected] j aars . CREDITS Acquisitions Editor Mary James Project Editor Brian Herrmann Technical Editor Damien Foggon Production Editor Kathleen Wisor Copy Editor Kim Cofer Editorial Manager Mary Beth Wakefield Freelancer Editorial Manager Rosemarie Graham Associate Director of Marketing David Mayhew Marketing Manager Ashley Zurcher Business Manager Amy Knies Production Manager Tim Tate Vice President and Executive Group Publisher Richard Swadley Vice President and Executive Publisher Neil Edde Associate Publisher Jim Minatel Project Coordinator, Cover Katie Crocker Proofreader Word One, New York Indexer Jack Lewis Cover Designer Ryan Sneed Cover Image © Nevin Giesbrecht / i Stock Photo ACKNOWLEDGMENTS although the jump in version number by only 0.5 seems to suggest that there’s not much new in ASP.N ET 4.5 or Visual Studio 2012, you’d be surprised at the number of changes— small and large— that made their way into these products. I discovered new features and functionality every, a small I nternet agency special- izing in consultancy and development of Internet and intranet applications with M icrosoft technolo- gies such as ASP. Heisalso one of thetop contributors to the Wrox Community Forum atp2com, where he shares his knowledge with fellow programmers.Imar has received M icrosoft’s M ost Valuable Professional (M V P) award each year since 2008 for hiscontributionsto the ASP. In early 2012, Imar joined the ASPInsiders, a small group of international professionals that provide feedback and direction on new features for future versions of ASP. Imar lives in Utrecht, the N etherlands, with his girlfriend Fleur and his son N iek.

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