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She will also teach Leo how to stop being overpowering and to remember to think of her needs as well as his own.

In return, Leo will bring Virgo new excitement to her life and show her the importance of letting loose and having a good time.

Leo and Virgo have a hard time getting started, but once they do, they are unstoppable.

Leo is an outspoken risk taker while Virgo enjoys taking the backseat and allowing someone else to drive.

He adds the element of surprise to the relationship, often coming up with date ideas at the spur of the moment.

Because of his spontaneity, Leo is not much for patience, but Virgo will quickly change that.

Virgo maintains her life in perfect order, avoiding unnecessary drama and instability that may result from Leo’s characteristics.

Regardless of the differences, a Leo in love is dedicated to love his partner and enjoys the feelings that come with it.

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