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Bkstg is an musician to fan platform that strives to create a direct relationship between artist and fan, eliminating the middle man.She was responsible for every aspect of this innovative company, including brand positioning, programming, revenue and partnerships.Nardini was responsible for redesigning AOL’s entire marketing strategy.As a result of the changes she made, AOL’s brand improved consumer awareness through their redesigned advertising and marketing efforts That’s Nardini the professional. Here are 10 things you might not know about her: 1.She has stated that she was “hugely passionate about the site for a long time.” She finds the Barstool website, which has received as much criticism as it has praise, to be funny and engaging. Erika keeps her family and personal life separate from her work and business life.

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At Fidelity, she was responsible for all broadcast, print, and interactive media planning and buying. When she has down-time (which is not very often), she can be found shopping and adding bags to her ever-growing collection. In addition to running successful businesses, Erika is a full-time wife and mother. In 2004 she was granted the Echo Award for Royal Caribbean and was named one of Media Post Magazine’s Top 20 Rising Media Stars.

However, don’t expect to find much information about her personal life.

Unlike many other high profile executives, Erika has succeeded at keeping her personal life out of the lime light and keeping a media focus on her professional work.

As of July 2016, Erika Nardini has become the first female boss of Barstool Sports.

While Jenna Marbles also worked for them, never has a woman run the show there.

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