Virus spam nude dating

You have a better chance of meeting women on a gay site that you do on

With all the various deceptions they use there is no way to meet real women here.

Reading and digging into to the terms and conditions it started to make sense.

First we found out that XCheaters is involved in the creation of dating profiles that they then use on their site.

On top of the fake "likes" we also received 7 emails (see evidence below) from girls who do not exist. Another method used to trick people into buying membership is the use of paid employees to chat with you, send you emails and instant messages.

Some of the emails have subject lines such as "girl1976 requested a photo" and "Can you f*ck? This is a proven fact and is discussed directly on the terms and conditions page.

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You then need to ask yourself as we did why in the world are these women interested in us?You may be one of the numerous people who have received similar pop-up alerts.They commonly appear after you open an email attachment, download files, visit websites programmed to download malicious software or click on a pop-up advertisement.These profiles are not real and are used for marketing purposes.Some of the "marketing purposes" that these dating profiles are used for include making it appear as if they "liked" you.

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