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I recently went to South-Africa and enjoyed a couple of weeks photographing animals in Pilanesberg National Park. I'm trying to learn how to taste wine and cook properly, but I'm pretty average so far. I really want to get an Icelandic Sheepdog someday, when I'm not concerned with landlords and moving and traveling and long work shifts.I read quite a lot (I used to identify with Roald Dahls' Mathilda when I was little and even volunteered at the school library. I'm currently training for a marathon in September (Berlin Maraton 2018), so our meetings can't evolve around having burgers right now.It's a long and taxing process, but something I need to do for my own self development, before I become too old and dead set in my tracks.Deep down, I do long for "my person" though, and I think we all do at some level. Just FYI I dig guys with beards, dad bods, and who are 30 . But maybe it’ll pay off and you’ll meet somebody cool and go on adventures and pet dogs together and binge on Netflix and snuggle. I paint watercolor and I’m a full time dog walker/kennel tech.Black coffee and board games, or a walk in the park/countryside would be really nice though!I'm a very "artsy" person, meaning that I love the theatre, music, poetry and painting, not that I have dreadlocks and live in a cardboard box (not that there's anything wrong with that!

;) A decent dose of light-hearted humor never hurt anyone either.

If you're confused about where you've landed, this is the gist of this place - "r4r" stands for "redditor for redditor" and is meant to be the de facto reddit community for people meeting people for anything.

That's fellow students, dating, playing music together, marriage prospects, penpals, playing board games, hookups, movie/tv-watching, sharing poetry, FWBs, celebrity gossip, video games, sports talk, meme-sharing, etc etc etc.

) People tell me I'm a good listener, and I aspire to be an honest and straight-forward communicator (a rare skill, if you ask me).

I try to treat other people with kindness and generosity, to not make everything about me all of the time, to be better at keeping eye contact and setting firm boundaries on my own behalf.

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