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If you know someone who was not very good at math land a career at Renaissance Capital coding as a software engineer… 1) Are you blowing through the math section of your SAT (lets draw the line at 750)?2) After blowing through these exams did you step on the gas pedal through an elite university?Get into the ring and get ready to take all of those losses. You can go from zero skills to moderate abilities in a year (maximum). If you recognize that your talents do not lie here, don’t bother going into a pure sales role!Some of you are going to read this section and believe it means “Emotional IQ”. The difference between intent and Emotional IQ is that you don’t need control of your own emotions to have an amazing ability to recognize intent. You’re going to be better off in a specialized business, Silicon Valley or Wall Street (Remove Investment Banking and Sales within Wall Street). here’s a good bullet point checklist to see if you’re good at recognizing intent: 1) Can you correctly read the difference between passive aggressive behavior and dis-interest?

Unfortunately, he is an extreme liar when it comes to getting girls (you know this). Unless the person has no heart at all, he is going to mentally feel bad about this. Finally, if he was outright lying to you and it wasn’t an act of insecurity… ***Side Note: This piece of advice was by far the most uncomfortable part of the entire post. The problem is that you’re going to have to *bend the rules* a lot as you go into higher stratospheres of income.

Intent is an all encompassing skill that is fully transferable to every aspect of your life (except one): Business, Sales, Social Environments. Minimal transfer skills to Silicon Valley/Quantitative Finance. 2) If you are shown an advertisement can you determine if it is “good” without seeing the numbers?

Do you ever wonder why Quants and Engineers are usually the two groups with the worst social skills? 3) Can you correctly read the difference between insecurity and an outright lie?

The only way to get *wealthy* is to start a Company. With that horse beaten to death, lets see what you’re good at and determine which industry you should work in.

The only way to become well off is to go into Silicon Valley, Sales or Wall Street. 1) Why You Need to Determine Your Intelligence Set Early 2) Intent – The Broadest Talent 3) Numerics – The Most Difficult to Replicate 4) Synthesis – The Most Adaptable 5) Artistic – The Call Option We hope that the vast majority of our readers are young because we can prevent them from ruining their lives chasing skirts at the expense of their future.

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