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Adult Bookstores, Tearooms, Public Parks and the like will surge in popularity.4.Some enterprising millennial or Gen X will come up with an app designed specifically for married DL guys5.

Married men will buy "burner" smartphones to use the apps on3.

At least the last time I checked it was still that way. But, of course, the actual effects will be to stifle the internet, just like the repeal of net neutrality will stifle the internet. If you aren't happy with someone for whatever reason then talk about it with them or just leave. Have you not noticed ANYTHING that has happened in American in the last 18 months? Too many people connecting and enjoying themselves openly. They want it all buttoned down, covered up, and deniable.

Those in power don't want free access to unlimited information and connection for the huddled masses. If they can now be held responsible for the things we say, what's to keep them from shutting this down? I used to use a little trick on there and post in the m4trans section asking who wants to ride, with just a picture of my dick. There is, of course, some activity in human trafficking.

What’s more enraging about the left though is their hypocrisy toward net neutrality, which can only exist with personal accountability.

It is primarily the Democrats who are in support of this.

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