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AMAZFIT watch App camera permissions are limited issues, Andrews please go to the phone permissions management will AMAZFIT watch App camera permissions (Mobile Security Center ➡ App Management ➡ Authority Management ➡ AMAZFIT Watch App) to open; i OS to mobile phone settings ➡ Privacy ➡ Camera ➡ Some Android phones will only display the matching code in the cellphone notification bar.

When the matching code appears in the bound phone, you can pull down the cellphone notification bar to click the matching code.

1) motor function (jogging, running, walking, cross country running, indoor running, outdoor riding, indoor riding, elliptical machines, mountaineering, swimming in the swimming pool, open water swimming, triathlon); 2 / 2S under the same account , one of them is set as the master device, the master device is connected, the other device is not connected and the motion data is the same Account to distinguish equipment, App Sports Details which will show the source of equipment.

Please restart the watch, wait for the watch to restart after the completion of the two-dimensional code interface and then try to bind for five minutes, if still the same tips, please send the watch back to the China aftermarket analysis.

After the root of the mobile phone, some system problems may occur because of some system data loss or error.

For example, the mobile phone can not turn on the brick, the reboot can not enter the desktop, the touch screen fails, the WIFI or Bluetooth failure and other unexpected system failure .

Running, walking, outdoor riding, swimming pool, open water swimming, indoor running, mountaineering and cross-country running mode can be used in sports segment function.

Press the watch key while in motion to perform a manual segmentation.

The output voltage of the charger complies with the charged voltage, the output current can be greater than the original charger.1) When charging, check if the silver contact points on the raised stud base of the charging base and the AMAZFIT smart sports watch are aligned.Swimming sport mode watches can only be operated by pressing keys.“application notification settings” there will be a big difference with Andrews.When binding for the first time, the list of “application allowed to notify” and “application not allowed to be notified” are all blank.If the above power options are not operating, proceed as follows: First, the watch is fully charged, open the watch’s flight mode will watch the alarm off and placed on the table, stand still do not just pick up the watch wake up view operation, The watch does not have the waterproofing effect on liquids that are aggressive such as acidic and basic solutions, chemical reagents, etc., because the watch is not covered by the warranty due to damage or defects caused by misuse or misuse; Waterproof watch is 5ATM, but the water vapor is not anti-heat, hot water bath will produce a lot of water vapor, water vapor will enter through the pressure hole into the watch, easily lead to water damage caused by short circuit components And other issues, it can not steam sauna, steam bath can not be washed.The main mode of flight is to turn off the watch’s Bluetooth, similar to cell phone flight mode.

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