What can i do about an intimidating neighbor

Lay out what they can likely expect and what your plans are for minimizing the impact, and then lay out options for people who are bothered by the smell.Have a clear process that people can follow to ask to work elsewhere for the duration of the project, or whatever other options you can offer.I wish to know how I can get divine help to fight this Prashanth, There are a number of issues here. If so, let there be a record of the incident as a deterent to his doing it again.No one has a right to threaten another with violence and physical harm. As for the matter of angry words about why your leg has been injured, surely you don’t believe such nonsense to be true so why let it bother you?I have a neighbour whos been constantly fighting with me since I have been opposing the unfair activities of the managing body of the apt cmplx where I stay.In the last meeting among us this guy threatened me and my mom that he would thrash our faces, arms and legs.Eventually the smell went away and things went back to normal.

Speak the truth calmly but do not make accusations.

We had the exterior doors open sporadically and purchased extra fans.

No one asked to be reassigned to another department, which would have been easy to do, as employees move from floor to floor and department to department regularly.

She pressured employees who were fine with the smell to “assert their rights.” It was very disruptive, and her coworkers were very uncomfortable.

At the suggestion of upper management, I did not push her too hard since we assumed the complaints were made by her, and did not want to invite further citations, even if they were without merit.

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