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When You're In a Relationship:—Delete the photos of your last relationship before you add a new love interest. You wouldn't leave a photo of you and your ex on your bedside table the first time you bring your new girl home, would you? Start with a clean slate.—Do not ever Facebook friend your guy's ex.If he's still hanging out with his ex on a regular basis, that's a whole other post.—Don't Like a selfie posted by someone you've dated in the past, unless it's a funny one.

I exhale loudly into the receiver of my cell phone and spit out the gist of the tale he just recanted.If you Like the Oops-How-Did-My-Cleavage-Get-There? selfie of some girl you used to hook up with and your girlfriend sees it and gets upset, whose fault is that?I asked a (straight) male coworker if he could explain this phenomenon of the Random Girls With Sexy Photos Who Interact With Your Boyfriend on Social Media. I'd probably be pissed if I was the girlfriend too, so I don't know if I could explain it well." A gem, he is.As for the rest of us, we need to work on our social media manners. No more gray areas, fine lines, or confusion about what constitutes appropriate behavior on social media.Whether you're the boyfriend, the girlfriend, or the Girl With Sexy Photos Who Interacts With Other People's Boyfriends on Social Media, here's how to behave...

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    The reason being nothing more than the disastrous UN bombing campaign that turned Libya from one of the safest destinations in the world into a "", of course, is told in the West as a civil war that sprung up after toppling Gaddafi, but to many Libyans the war is the first war in history created by the international community to effect a failed state by toppling ": The following guide was written to cover travel regulations during the previous government of Libya.