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In "Beware Wolf" it's mentioned that Justin once asked a girl on Wiz Face to prom but she turned out to be a centaur.He later calls her back and she wishes he would give her a second chance but he finds it too weird.He's capable of built robots, water motors and mechanisms that simulate a flying carpet.His own knowledge makes him the chosen by his family to solve problems, like found excuses to hide magical affairs to protect magic from exposure.The relationship between Alex and Justin is somewhat one of the closest relationships in the series.Alex and Justin are really close siblings, closer than the relationships with Max.

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"One of the brightest students of recent times..." —Professor Crumbs Justin is one of the most intelligent and posses vast knowledge, both of magical things, such as spellcraft and magical creatures, but also mathematics, history, robotic and geography.

Soon enough, Justin gets the job of monster hunting and embarks on a journey with Juliet to capture a mummy.

They then get trapped and, to save Juliet from sunlight, he tells her to become a minion to escape while she leaves him behind. In "Wizards vs Werewolves" Justin tracks down Juliet, with the help of Mason, Alex's new werewolf boyfriend.

Justin says he doesn't care and kisses her, but she says that once you kiss a werewolf you become one.

He turns into a werewolf and they run away together but Justin's family find him and give him a potion to reverse the werewolf spell.

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