When to start dating after death of spouse

Since Nathan died, Spinelli has been concerned about how Maxie is taking the tragic loss.Even though he suggested she go back to Portland with him to get away from the memories, Maxie insisted she needed to stay in PC.Spoiling your spouse gives children an example of what a great marriage should look like.When you treat your spouse with kindness, courtesy, and love – your children will see that.Offscreen, Monaco and Storms are friends, so portraying on screen besties wouldn’t be a difficult task for the actresses.3.

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The residents of PC rallied around the widow during Nathan’s funeral, and Sam (Kelly Monaco) was eager to comfort Maxie because she once felt the pain of losing a spouse.One of the BEST things you can do for your children is to let them see you LOVE their father. Your children need the security of a loving family far more than toys or treats or even attention! Let them see you holding hands, snuggling together on the couch, and going out on dates.Putting your spouse first isn’t going to make them jealous, it’s going to make them SECURE.Check out these 4 things that could happen to Maxie following Nathan’s death.1.Maxie And Spinelli Could Get Back Together Spinelli‘s (Bradford Anderson) permanent return to Port Charles is long overdue, and what better way to keep him in town than rekindling an old romance with Maxie?

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