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"[...] I am a bit of a control freak, and I don't like getting out of control, especially in public. The self-described "pillow diva" needs at least three.Some people get great pleasure out of losing themselves in public, it only makes me paranoid." He went on to say that his limit was only a couple of whiskeys and he would pass out of his comfort zone. Groban dated actress January Jones for three years, and when it comes to Hollywood relationships, that's practically forever., Perry got people talking when she flashed a badly spelled tattoo reading "Josh Grobin".The tattoo was fake (she really only got a tiny strawberry), but it was a shout-out to some major rumors that the two had been dating.That although he tried to set his audience free, “they did not listen, they did not know how”. “He wrote as if he knew me/ in all my dark despair” wrote Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel in their 1971 song Killing Me Softly – which dramatised folk singer Lori Lieberman’s flushed response to a Don Mc Lean concert.Those who love Vincent have surely felt undervalued by the world. “He was strumming my pain with his fingers/ Singing my life with his words” they wrote.When it comes to inoffensive celebrities, Josh Groban is probably at the top of anyone's list.Do a little more digging, though, and you'll find a whole slew of instances that seem to maybe suggest that he just might not be as innocent as he seems. Much as we love him, you might not want to take him home to meet your grandmother after all.

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Museum staff play the song for visitors every day, although there’s no danger of it being forgotten.

And in Vincent’s starry night, we catch an echo of the Stars and Stripes that had so thrilled and disappointed the singer.

Vincent spirals around the fact that Van Gogh’s work was not appreciated in his life time.

sat down with Groban in 2013, they asked him just how much of what he did was him… "I've always been a self-flogging workaholic, so my version of trying to relax more is to go out after a show and have a drink with the band, not going back to the hotel and start writing more music.

I'm trying to go with the flow, and not be such a control freak," he admitted.

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