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Far from it; his father is induced to read Shakespeare and suddenly realizes that there are indeed more things in heaven and earth than he had dreamed of in his philosophy.A happy reunion results, and Barush continues his career.Using tinting rolls from the Library of Congress, some scenes from star Hobart Bosworth’s collection, and a re-edited Russian distribution print, as well as a copy of the continuity script, the restoration by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, the Library of Congress, and Gosfilmofond approximates the original American release version fairly closely.(Two brief missing sections are filled in by photos and the texts of the original titles.) The tinting and toning, based on the Library of Congress material, is authentic and effective (see top), as is the new score by Stephen Horne.was clearly a big-budget period piece, with several large sets.Moreover, the influence of classical Hollywood films, which began to be shown in Germany in 1921, is quite apparent.

Belgium’s Cinematek won Best Discovery of a Forgotten Film for its in western Russia.Dupont has mastered three-point lighting and analytical editing, including shot/reverse shot, as this scene between Barush and his father demonstrates.Barush is played by Ernst Deutsch, a major actor of the day, including in Expressionist films. MOD Flicker Alley has also developed a healthy list of manufactured-on-demand titles.Congratulations to Flicker Alley and to other organizations we have ties to, which also won awards.The Criterion Collection tied for Best Box Set for its .

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