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Clients will often visit during lunch breaks and may not have time to have a refreshment, so offering this simple service is highly appreciated." "I am so used to talking to people through mirrors that it almost feels less normal to look them straight in the eye!

I think it's fine, never too much — it's much easier for the client to keep their head in the right position for you if they look at you through the mirror, it can get annoying if they keep trying to turn around and look you in the eyes." "It's far more personal and easier to communicate sitting with the client at eye level, face-to-face, and talk to them about their hair.

Please feel free to close your eyes, relax and even have a snooze — this is actually a compliment. @davidconnellyhair @renyaxydiscity @valonzhaircutters ??? A photo posted by R I C K I - L E E (@therickilee) on Mar 28, 2016 at pm PDT : Is it OK to ask what the price will be for each element of the appointment (eg.

Trust me, if you want to freak out a hairdresser drop your head back, open your eyes and stare at them. I've been wanting to do it for ages and FINALLY mustered up the courage... treatments, blow-dry) before you agree to getting anything?

Let’s face it, everyone loves an expensive surprise — unless they’re the one paying for it." "No service should start if both parties are not 100 per cent on the same page with what the outcome will be, especially if you're having a big change.I don’t mind the leaning forward — you kind of get into a rhythm with each other and it's fine.I'd rather they do that then cop a big chunk of hair in their coffee." "Small movements by taking sips from a coffee or tea cup really doesn’t throw the hairdresser into havoc.Turning up with hair that is three days old and unwashed is fine.Especially when you’re having colour with ammonia on your scalp, it's best to leave some natural oils there for protection against irritation from colour." : If you've given the customer a cup of tea/coffee at the start of the appointment, when is the most convenient time for them to drink it?

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