Who is darby stanchfield dating

Ducky's protégé, taking the place of Gerald Jackson after he had been injured too severely to continue work at NCIS, who also acts as a Ducky-expy to Tony's Gibbs whenever Tony is in charge of a case.He is always eager to help the team any way he can, even if his skills are more or less exclusive to the morgue.She leaves the team early in season 15 to take care of her ailing mother, who has developed Alzheimer's disease.A forensic science genius who apparently handles the lab work for all of NCIS by herself, Abby is a perky goth who always tries to see the best in everyone despite being confronted by all the horrible things people do to each other every day.At the beginning of her career, Darby started in the theater.

Introduced in Season 14 after Gibbs repeatedly shoots down agents to take Tony Di Nozzo's place that she recommended, prompting her to come pay him a visit, which ultimately led to Gibbs not only recruiting Agent Torres, but recruiting her for his team as well.He was promoted to agency director in the wake of Jenny Shepard's death.He was initially recruited to the Naval Investigative Service as an expendable deep cover operative who did wet work.Mc Gee is currently married to Deliah Fielding, whom he met in Season 10 while in need of a good fellow computer hacker.In Season 15, he becomes the proud father of Johnny and Morgan Mc Gee.

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