Who is dhani jones dating

Yet it is his entrepreneurial focus on harvesting that talent that lands him solidly on the Grio 100 list. as someone who has achieved success off the field just as much as he did on it. They advised me heavily on making a lot of decision that I have made.

Jones, who graduated with honors from the University of Michigan, has made a complete transition form a football veteran to a full-fledged businessman, often working in both roles simultaneously before he retired from the NFL. In addition to continuing to pursue his other ventures, Jones creates and sells 3-D photographs and co-owns an advertising and design firm, with a client list that includes Esquire and Proctor & Gamble. Q: What advice would you give to anyone who wants craving to achieve their dreams?

As clarity begets action, Dhani started rockin’ a Bow Tie in silent support of his good friend. Yet a particular phrase does come to mind when referring to him: Renaissance man. With his numerous of careers, it’s hard to describe 33-year-old Dhani Jones in just one sentence.Today, Kunta has fully recovered and they both rock Bow Ties to support others.Since its beginning in 2010, Bow Tie Cause has provided the same avenue of support that Dhani gave Kunta, by designing signature Bow Ties for organizations around the country.

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