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Trinity Sunday serves to remind us that this venture is a Trinitarian one.You don’t get one member of the Trinity without the other two being involved.When we say ‘economic Trinity’ we are reminding ourselves of this specific narrative history of God’s self-identification.Being born of the Spirit is a result of God’s loving determination to share with us eternal life, and it is through the Son whom God sent that this occurs.One can, I believe, see this in two ways—one that allows for transformation in this life through relationship with God through Christ in the Spirit that brings a fullness of life, while understanding that ultimate experience of kingdom life is a gift of God.It is true that there are many references to judgment in Scripture.But there are also many references to God’s grace and love that exceeds our own ability to respond.

God sends the Son (and the Spirit) for the purpose of redemption, not condemnation.What we see here is what theologians often call the “economic Trinity,” that is the Triune God whom we encounter in God’s activities.As theologian Joe Jones puts it: Trinity is fundamentally about saying that the God of Israel has become incarnate in the creaturely otherness of Jew—named ‘Jesus’ and located in first century Palestine—for the salvation of the world through the Spirit.Christians also hope that all humans will ultimately saved by God’s sovereign resolve to be gracious and to gather all into God’s own eternal life (Salvation III).The invitation offered by Jesus to Nicodemus is to be born of the Spirit (born anew) and experience the love that God reveals to the world in Jesus.

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