Who is eric millegan dating

Eric Millegan plays the brainiac lab rat we've loved to love (even through this little serial killer phase) since the start of the show - but possibly not for much longer. Millegan: Oh, I'm following the fate of my character.Here, Millegan talks to about how he came the boy who cried Gormogon and what that means for his future. It wasn't my choice - it was a creative decision to shake things up and make a good season finale. TVGuide.com: Were there more Zack storylines that would have been pursued, had there not been a strike? As you know, at the end of Season 2, I went off to Iraq.

Apart from being an actor, the 43-year-old actor is also a writer like his husband, a sports columnist to be exact, host and singer. Even though Charles might have earned more or less but his husband definitely earns a huge amount. Despite that, Eric has been able to manage a successful career.TVGuide.com: When did the rest of the cast know that it was going to be you? But then everybody on the message boards ran with that, saying, "Nobody's leaving the show! It's Zack's intelligence that got in the way, because Gormogon rationalized [his cause] with him." And I just thought, "Oh no, people are going to be mad at me when they find out." TVGuide.com: The actor who plays the master Gormogon, we haven't seen him on the show before, right? TVGuide.com: So was it strange playing Zack as a bad guy? TVGuide.com: Do you think by the end of the episode, Zack really understood how he'd been used by the Gormogon master? And actually, there was a moment that was cut out of the episode of Zack saying he's sorry right after he explains how to catch Gormogon. J.[Thyne], Michaela[Conlin] and Tamara [Taylor] have been just wonderful to work with, and we really bonded very closely. On the other hand, Eric appeared in a bunch of TV series too.Although he also earned from playing in movies and TV series, there's no denying that Eric's major source of income came from his recurring role, 64 episodes in total in the FOX hit show, So by now, you can assume his net worth did not come easy.

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