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Guin also wrote the script for the movie Blood Rayne, which is based on the popular video game.can make a movie, because I’m a writer, and you’re a director!I mean, can you imagine drinking an entire thing of white grape juice?So, that’s something I’ve taken with me, and told other actors as well.” I was in plays in school, so I could also act in it. I had never studied screenwriting, acting, or directing for that matter.So, it’s as if it came out of this desire to see ourselves on screen, and we were like oh, we’ll figure out how to do it.

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She taught me a lot on my short called , and that also went to Sundance. Mary and I both like to sit in person, in a room, with one computer for hours and hours and hours. It’s not that I don’t like it, or dislike violence. He had written his own screenplay, and had several other people who attempted to adapt the book. Bret’s screenplay had ended in a huge musical number, I kid you not, which is kind of hilarious.

There is a real rhythm to our co-writing relationship. It was just a completely different movie from the one we made.

I think he was just excited that somebody did it, and got it ready so it could be made into a movie, because it took years and years of people trying to crack it.

No, but I’ve had a lot of great collaborators, and I’ve learned along the way with them.

I’ve had people, such as Jamie Babbit, really help me out. I wrote it, and I starred in it, and I really wanted her to direct it, but she was like ‘ direct it.’ She basically said you direct it, and I’ll be your script supervisor, and I’ll talk you through it, and I’ll be there the whole time, but you will be the director. So, working on a movie like was extremely ironic, because people just assume that I’m a bad ass, and I that I like horror movies.

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