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The last thing I would want to do is create a media frenzy like this, especially as I'm trying to get through a divorce."The actress—who after , but in 2008 she was forced to take a break and focus on herself.That March her psychiatrist called paramedics to her home, reportedly fearing she had taken an overdose of prescription medication.In September, Locklear was treated for minor injuries suffered in a car crash near her home in Thousand Oaks; authorities were quick to clarify that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved."I'm home and good. Earlier in the year she had reconnected with a high school sweetheart, Chris Heisser, posting none other than his yearbook photo (they apparently had the same hair dresser) in wishing him happy birthday last fall."Happy Birthday to My first love and final love. Meet you there in 2 days," she wrote, about a week after her car accident.

Her sister had called 911, telling the operator she was worried Heather might hurt herself."She's fine, she was mobile, she was walking, she was dressed, she was talkative and she'll have follow-up care through her personal physicians," a hospital spokeswoman told reporters when the actress was released.

(And apparently it shocked Sambora as well, because he denied the report that they were splitting up in an interview he gave on tour in Washington, D.

C., on the day Locklear was filing the papers in L.

"Spirits were very good, she was calm and chitchatty.

Her parents were very glad when the doctors decided she was well enough to be discharged."While in hindsight that seems like a lot of on-the-record information from a hospital, at the time Locklear's family wanted to immediately clear up any rumors that she was suicidal or had tried to harm herself. Marc Mani, and she couldn't help but feel a little déjà vu when she was making headlines for her bikini bod once again in 2015.

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