Who is jim sturgess dating now

Rumors seem to be arising once more regarding a possible romantic relationship between Korean actress Bae Doo Na and Hollywood actor Jim Sturgess as people claim they have seen the two on dates during the Lunar New Year's holiday.An online community forum said, "During the Lunar New Year's holiday, Bae Doo Na and Jim Sturgess went around downtown Seoul," and uploaded a picture of the two together.In the picture, the two of them appear to be waiting to pay at a bakery.SEE ALSO: Bae Doo Na speaks up on dating rumors with Jim Sturgess In addition, one SNS said, "I saw Bae Doo Na today.Hollywood Life Full Story Jim Sturgess was photographed on the set of Electric Slide yesterday in LA. She walks around often with pale lips and a middle part and I’m not sure I need more. Full Story Hayley, I am 33 and I gained a lot of weight in the last years.

They’re saying now that the movie could lose between – 0 million for Warner Bros, Skydance, and Rat Pac. Well, it could become a cult classic Full Story London Fields is one of the worst movies I’ve seen this year, and I’ll get to sh*tting on it in a second, but first, an odd thing happened TIFF with this movie.

Long attached to the part of Buckley, James Franco exited stage left a while back when everyone realized he can’t sing to save his life, which opened up a coveted role for young actors.

Full Story I was about write, “Why didn’t they premiere this in London”, and then I realised that would be a really bad idea right now.

I saw it at a press screening at the festival—Joanna and I were both completely floored by its unmitigated rancidness—but before it premiered for the public, it was pulled from the TIFF lineup because the director, Matthew Cullen, sued the producers Full Story It’s been a while. It’s just that, well, none of what he’s been working on has been very high profile.

With several films due for release over the last year, Sturgess is making some moves. He thought that would have happened after One Day with Anne Hathaway.

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