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In real life, his youngest daughter was turning three that very day.

What should have been a time for celebration quickly took a turn when Ritter began complaining of the classic symptoms of a heart attack: he was sweaty, nauseous and experiencing pain in his chest.

As seen on the JRF’s website, the Ritter Rules are: URGENCY: Thoracic aortic dissection is a medical emergency.

The death rate increases 1% every hour the diagnosis and surgical repair are delayed. Seek immediate emergency medical care for a sudden onset of severe pain in the chest, stomach, back or neck.

Shortly after his passing, Ritter’s wife, the actress Amy Yasbeck, formed The John Ritter Foundation (JRF), a charity devoted to educating people about aortic dissection and providing support to those affected by the disease.

Through the JRF, a set of guidelines—the Ritter Rules—was established to help recognize, diagnose and prevent aortic dissections.

Only three types of imaging studies can identify aortic aneurysms and dissections: CT, MRI and transesophageal echocardiogram.

Note: A chest x-ray or EKG cannot rule out aortic dissection.

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Like other arteries, the Aorta is essentially a hollow tube that carries blood away from the heart.

You and other family members should be evaluated to determine if a predisposition for aortic aneurysm and dissection is running in your family.

RISK FACTOR: Certain genetic syndromes that affect connective tissue put you at risk.

Just six days shy of his 55th birthday, John Ritter—the Emmy-award winning sitcom star—wasn’t feeling quite right.

Ritter, best known for playing the rakish Jack Tripper on the 70s/80s television classic “Three’s Company,” was rehearsing lines on the set of his latest show, “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.” On the program, Ritter played the stern-but-loving father to a pair of teenage girls.

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