Who is kate gosselin dating now

Jon Gosselin's life hasn't been the most glamorous since he and Kate had their falling out.

His emotional health has almost certainly improved since his escape from Kate Gosselin's presence. (We just wish that we could say the same for those poor children!

The two have gotten coffee and gotten ice cream and gone on road trips.

It's nice to see that they still have a relationship with each other despite, well, the intense complications of Jon and Kate's divorce.

The news that the couple had been dating first came out in January 2015.

Prior to that relationship, Gosselin had been rumored to be having an affair with her married bodyguard, but these rumors were shot down by both of them.

Katie Irene or you can say “Kate” Gosselin is one American personality, who has managed to get massive worldwide recognition because of the reality TV show.

In personal life she is not as luckier as she is in professional life.

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He has worked as waiter at one of those restaurant chains that "Millennials are killing," he's worked installing solar panels, he's worked as a DJ.Def Leppard (yes, the band's spelling) is an English New Wave rock band. Almost exactly one year ago, Jon congratulated his girlfriend for completing nursing school.One might characterize it all as "dad music," but it looks like Colleen is having a good time. Some fans have speculated about how Jon can afford luxuries like concert tickets (even if they aren't to the, um, most fresh-faced or current music groups) when he is said to have only a few thousand dollars to his name.Plus, any moment that any of Kate's children get to spend away from her clutches is a blessing, don't you think?, which rhymes but probably isn't worth it), they share that much more in common. And good for Jon for being able to find a new life after Kate.

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