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The organization aims to provide clean, safe water and sanitation to the millions around the world who lack such access.“I couldn’t have gotten in here,” Damon said about MIT, but when he and his friend Ben Affleck were growing up in the area, “to us MIT was kind of the Man, this big impressive impersonal force.” But it became more personal to him when they were working on “Good Will Hunting.” One scene, he said, was based on a real experience his brother had on campus, when he walked by a blackboard in the hallway and, as a joke, wrote an elaborate but completely phony mathematical equation on the board.” But in addition, he said, “Thanks to the leadership of many of today’s graduates, we are making sure that MIT practices systematic acts of kindness and inclusion, too.” He added that “As you go out into the world, heart is what makes the hard problems worth solving. Heart is your best blueprint as you invent the future. More humble, more respectful, more generous, more kind.” Speaking to his fellow graduate students, Michael Mc Clellan, president of the Graduate Student Council, encouraged them never to fear failure.

Dallas said to him, “Hey dad are you going to be around later tonight?And I thought you had to have a wife in order to have kids and make that family unit.” Of course, Dallas, who has a son with husband Hamilton, ultimately came to realize that being gay doesn’t mean you can’t have a family.Of when he knew he was gay, Dallas says, “I knew since I was little.Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson, he said, “put the odds at 50-50. So either way, MIT, you’ve got to go out and do really interesting things, important things, inventive things.I don’t know how scientific that was but it had numbers in it so I was impressed.” Quoting MIT physics professor Max Tegmark, Damon said if our reality is in fact a simulation, “my advice is to go out and do really interesting things, so the simulators don’t shut you down.” And if it’s not a simulation? Because this world, real or imagined, this world has some problems that we need you to drop everything and solve.” Damon passed along some advice he said he had received many years ago from President Bill Clinton: “Turn towards the problems that you see.” He said the older he gets, the more he appreciates the wisdom of that advice. Walk right up to them and look them in the eye, then look yourself in the eye, and decide what you’re going to do about them.” Damon spoke about the inspiration for his own work to try to address one of the world’s big problems, the need for clean water.

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