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said on 25/Nov/13Click Here they have very similar footwear, she's pretty much 5'4" range or 5'5" max for I think that Scarlett is a bit taller than listed - 5'3.5", and Mendes a bit shorter - 5'4". She seemed about my mom's height in proportion to me if that helps.

I can't see 3 inches between this woman and Scarlett J... said on 21/May/09I saw a picture where Paz is semi-towering over 5' 3" Scarlett, so I'd say about 5' 6" - 5' 6.5". Just go to google, click on images, and type in Paz Vega and Scarlett Johansson.

And the metrics are far more easy to use reducing the errors and less coarse measure than an inch, so people can't fudge their height as easily. I mean, have you actually met her or is your nationality somehow justified proof that she is that height?

said on 28/Jul/06rafa says on 27/Jul/06 Im spanish. It's really quite funny, some of the claims people make on this site.

Tea Leoni was wearing trainers, that would probably give her 1 inch advantage over Vega.

Also in a special issue dating back '90s they had Stallone at 178cm, Schwarzenegger 190cm (LMAO), cant remember the height for Dolph Lundgren, but i think it was also incorret.

Glow: The anglosaxon media has a penchant for downgrading everything spanish, plus they can distinguish us from the latin american ones. I'm sorry, but I don't quite see the relevance of being Spanish and how that somehow makes Paz Vega 172cm.

said on 29/Jul/06I've been chekcing the spanish media (in most cases far away from the tabloid type sensationalism of the anglosaxon ones).

and yeah, Paz Vega is listed 168cm ino most of them, i guess she's the kind of person that people belives being taller than really is.

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