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* Freelance CNN makeup artist Yasmeen Ibrahim will do hair and makeup; * The caterer is Cooper Vaughan with the Apiary, and “we are working with him to have traditional Kentucky fare for our guests;” * LV Harkness is helping with wedding invitations and event design.

* The cake will be provided by the Sugar Forest and we will also have ice cream from Crank and Boom; * The event design and flowers will be provided by Elizabeth Hemphill with Rose and Thistle.

She seems to take great enjoyment watching and even takes a picture.Lifetime and college friends have been recruited as bridesmaids . “It’s all so much fun because my mom and I have talked about what kind of wedding I will have for so many years — and now we get to make it a reality together,” she said. “My wedding dress is by Romona Keveza, and I was fortunate enough to find it in less than an hour,” she said. She shed tears of joy, and that’s when I knew I found the right one.” Her mom has played a very active role in the planning, having hosted many parties at Cave Hill.“I do not know what I would be doing without her help,” says Brown. She is so detail oriented and has wonderful taste and ideas, so I’m leaving a lot of the event design to her.” Her famous dad will be walking her down the aisle — and can’t wait. “What I enjoy most about Pam’s rising career in such a public venue is that she’s never at any point taken herself too seriously,” says her dad. She throughout has made good choices and has a clear vision for her career that makes her parents feel secure as well as excited.The baby born to the famous couple in our Governor’s Mansion grew up to be a famous TV journalist is coming back to her Old Kentucky Home for a fairy-tale wedding to the name of her dreams. Brown and TV sports journalism Phyllis George Brown was born just before her dad left office in 1983. Pamela Ashley Brown has grown up before our eyes, the spitting image of her famous mom, pursuing her own career in television journalism after earning her journalism degree from the University of North Carolina. “She has been absolutely amazing helping me plan my wedding remotely from Washington, DC.” Brown is putting a lot of her friends — and family — to work.Pamela Brown will marry Adam Wright in early June (of course) at the Cave Hill Place, the home where she grew up in Lexington. Through a friend, she met Adam Wright, who grew up in Kansas and found his way professionally to California. Dad arranged for the ice cream — and the bugler and scouted out some other vendors.

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