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"So no, we'll just walk up in here and be like, 'We're just the bomb.

We here.'" Watch Porsha dish more on her dating life, below.

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Constantly thinking of ways to expand her entrepreneurial empire, Porsha plans to open a hair salon in partnership with her sister Lauren, all while continuing to date and embracing her new healthy, vegan lifestyle.And friends tend to not necessarily agree with who you're dating. If I brought a man on the show, and they had some things to say, I would hear them out because looking back in the past, when anybody has said something about someone I dated before, I thought, 'Oh, maybe they could've had a point then, too.'" But she's not worried about what they might say, either."I'm not gonna be scared because I'm a very strong person, and I know whoever I date, he's gonna be a boss," Porsha said. The couple that sniffs together, stays together, right? " Porsha said, before joking, "Maybe we'll do like a pact. " caught up with Porsha on Monday, and she said everyone hoping Rickey will be her Valentine needs to slow your roll. Chemistry like this that happens in these type of situations, he doesn't work somewhere else. So it's not easy to make that decision to cross that line," she explained. So as far as having kids and wanting to pick the right dad, he would be the one. But most of all, I just want to have a natural connection with someone. So I think that's most important." Watch Porsha dish more on the sniff heard 'round the world, below.Well, Rickey certainly piqued our interest about a possible romantic future for these two when he had the sweetest things to say about Porsha on in January. "I've heard that he thinks that I would be a great wife. But I think that we're just friends, overall." When it comes to finding Mr.

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