Who is rob pattinson currently dating

Rob Brydon (centre) chairs the Newcastle recording of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.

Also pictured are Tim Brooke-Taylor (low left) and Colin Sell (top left).

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Writing about the tone and style of Fleet Street’s newspapers, he characterises the Express titles like this:“The Daily and Sunday Express: shambolic and inept, terrified of their then-owner and Napoleon of rubbish journalism, Richard Desmond.”In a footnote Abell adds: “I met him once at a party. Sunday Chronicle journalist Preston Wicks is on the brink of publishing the biggest story of his career; an exposé of corruption in high - and low - places. In carrying out investigations and taking up readers' battles with companies and bureaucracy, Watts became known as Inspector Watts and the column continued for 22 years, until he left the Sunday Express.

"On first-read of the copy he said to the subs’ table at large: “He’s got here, ‘The Queen as she rode by in her Rolls showed no signs of her recent catarrh and sinusitis trouble’ – apart, I suppose, from the occasional gob out the window!

” 'This would have been in the mid-to-late 1950s when I was occasional subbing on the Portsmouth Evening News (later to become The News).

A panel game with no competition was not itself a new idea: the BBC had a history of successful quiz shows designed to allow witty celebrities to entertain where winning was not important.

Examples include Ignorance is Bliss, Just a Minute, My Word!

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