Who is simon rex dating

Ms Priddy claims that her friend had put ‘all The Rules into play with Trevor’.She had apparently met a fortune teller in Argentina who told her she would marry a man with ‘curly red hair’.

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But what of the other figures she has now been linked to?Or at least those are the rumours in the Argentine capital.Looking back, it does seem these men were little more than footfalls in her romantic history. In 2010, they were engaged and wed the following year, to separate two years later.‘She was never without a boyfriend for more than two or three months and always striving to have someone by her side.She liked the idea of being part of a team and having a domestic life.’ Ms Priddy adds: ‘Any relationship that she was in, there was always an element of marriage in the back of her mind.’ Meghan, she says, would quickly be thinking about what the relationship would be like in ten years time.

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